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Authentically Lebanese

Pam Pulsifer, a first-generation Lebanese-American, grew up in Lawrence, MA, surrounded by a family life rich in Arabic culture and tradition. She learned Arabic by speaking with her Sithoo (grandmother) and Jidoo (grandfather).

On leisurely summer drives the family would stop for hours of picking wild grape leaves off vines on the side of the road for later meals prepared by Sithoo and her mother Immee. Sometimes these traditions were not always welcomed.  For example, Immee prepared Pam’s school lunches on pita bread.  A family staple.  Pam would have preferred her sandwiches made on Wonder Bread like every other kid at St. Rita’s. Now pita bread is a household word.  Who knew?

Throughout her childhood, Pam cooked by her Immee Rose’s side. This instilled not only a strong sense of food appreciation but an unbreakable link to the old country’s ways of cooking.

Years later, Pam paid it forward with her daughter, Lauren, who has also learned traditional food preparation from her own Sithoo and Immee.

Pam and her husband Jim Pulsifer relocated from the Boston area to Sarasota in 1992 where they raised their two children, Ty and Lauren.  Both of whom  graduated from Sarasota High School (Go Sailors!)

For many years Pam has prepared and served traditional Lebanese Hummus Bi Tahini for friends at gatherings around town and they always raved about it saying, “I’ve never tasting hummus this good.”

Jim and Pam owned and operated a food brokerage company in Florida for over 22 years.  In 2018, Jim sold Pulsifer Brokerage, Inc, and retired.  Having more time on his hands and strolling the Sarasota Farmers Market,  Jim thought Pam’s family Hummus Bi Tahini would be a perfect fit for the venue, which only offers hand-crafted, good-for-you, healthy food.

hummus preparation

Find Us at these Markets

Downtown Sarasota Farmers Market

Saturdays (7am - 1 pm)

1 North Lemon Ave
Sarasota, FL 34236

The Venice Farmer's Market

Saturdays (8am - 1pm)

@ City Hall, 401 W. Venice Ave.
Venice, FL  34285

Phillippi Farmhouse Market

Wednesdays Oct. through May (9am – 2pm)

5500 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231

Pam’s family came from Akoura, Lebanon.

Authentically Lebanese hummus